Ocean View Homes & Oceanfront Properties For Sale Charleston SC

Oceanfront Homes for Sale Charleston SC. The Charleston SC MLS is comprised of 5 oceanfront communities all with their own style, pros,Oceanfront condos for sale Charleston SC and cons. Living on the ocean and owning oceanfront property comes with challenges, the ever-present risk of hurricanes, the extra expense and upkeep of being near salt air constantly, and flooding. The costs of insuring an oceanfront house are also considerably more expensive in Charleston SC vs you living elsewhere in SC. Condos, Villas, and detached houses in the ocean can all be had throughout the year, but please note during the tourist season viewing the units for sale is usually only available during the changeover day, which is mostly Sundays from 10 am – 2 pm. If a house with beachfront views is something you’re considering for an investment please note that it is commonplace not to actually make “income” from the property, but rather have the rental income offset most if not all of the expenses during ownership so you can enjoy it personally and hopefully sell it later for a profit or at least use it as a tax shelter. Anything under $200,000 will most certainly be a fractional ownership. Below you will find any and all homes on the ocean with waterfront views for sale by price, type, condo, villas, size, age, street, resort, and more.
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MLS Listings Data

Total Listings: 66
Average Price: $2,906,794
Highest Listing Price: $15,500,000
Average Days On Market: 118

There are 66 oceanfront & beachfront homes for sale in Charleston SC. Real estate property listings with water views of the ocean have an average sales price of $2,906,794, ranging in price from $99,500 to $15,500,000. The average sq ft home is approximately 2,338 square feet for a house on the beach. The largest property for sale is 10,000 sqft and the smallest 296 sqft. View oceanfront property listings for sale in the Charleston SC MLS by price, street, subdivision, age, property type, location, features, size, listing date, and time on MLS with an average of one hundred seventeen days on the market. 

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oceanfront properties for sale in Charleston SC beaches

Kiawah Island –

Kiawah Island oceanfront homes for sale – located just off the coast of South Carolina, is renowned for its pristine beaches, lush maritime forests, and world-class golf courses. This barrier island offers a serene escape characterized by its natural beauty and abundant wildlife, including nesting sea turtles and a variety of bird species. Kiawah’s upscale resorts and luxury homes blend seamlessly with the island’s unspoiled landscape, inviting visitors to indulge in relaxation and outdoor activities such as kayaking, biking, and fishing. With its picturesque vistas and secluded atmosphere, Kiawah Island serves as a coveted destination for those seeking a tranquil retreat amidst the stunning backdrop of the South Carolina Lowcountry.

Sullivan’s Island –

Sullivan’s Island oceanfront properties for sale – nestled along the coast of South Carolina near Charleston, exudes a rich historical charm and natural beauty that captivates visitors and residents alike. This barrier island boasts pristine beaches, picturesque sand dunes, and tranquil marshlands, offering opportunities for leisurely strolls and breathtaking sunsets. Steeped in history, Sullivan’s Island is home to Fort Moultrie, a national monument with roots dating back to the Revolutionary War, and played a pivotal role in America’s military history. The island’s quaint neighborhoods, dotted with colorful beach cottages and majestic oak trees, embody a laid-back coastal lifestyle, while its vibrant dining scene showcases fresh seafood and Lowcountry cuisine. Sullivan’s Island remains a cherished destination for those seeking a blend of historical significance, natural splendor, and Southern hospitality along the South Carolina coast.

Isle of Palms (Wild Dunes Resort) –

The Isle of Palms SC beachfront homes –  situated just off the coast of South Carolina near Charleston, beckons with its pristine beaches,wild dunes condos & villas for sale swaying palm trees, and relaxed coastal atmosphere. Boasting a vibrant beach community and a range of outdoor activities, from surfing and paddleboarding to beachcombing and biking, the island offers endless opportunities for leisure and recreation. At the heart of Isle of Palms lies the renowned Wild Dunes Resort, a premier oceanfront destination renowned for its luxurious accommodations, championship golf courses, and world-class amenities. Nestled amidst lush landscapes and towering sand dunes, Wild Dunes Resort offers guests an unparalleled retreat with access to pristine beaches, top-notch dining options, and an array of recreational facilities, including tennis courts, swimming pools, and spa services. Whether seeking a tranquil getaway or an action-packed vacation, Isle of Palms and Wild Dunes Resort combine to deliver an unforgettable coastal experience steeped in Southern charm and hospitality.

Folly Beach –

Folly Beach oceanfront properties for sale – affectionately known as the “Edge of America,” captivates visitors with its laid-back vibe, eclectic charm, and breathtaking natural beauty. Located just a short drive from Charleston, South Carolina, this barrier island boasts wide stretches of sandy shoreline perfect for sunbathing, surfing, and beachcombing. Folly’s vibrant atmosphere is accentuated by its bustling beachfront bars, locally-owned shops, and seafood restaurants serving up fresh, Lowcountry fare. The island’s iconic pier offers panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean, while nearby marshes and maritime forests provide opportunities for birdwatching and outdoor exploration. Folly Beach embodies a unique blend of surf culture, Southern hospitality, and coastal allure, making it a beloved destination for travelers seeking a quintessential beach getaway with a dash of bohemian flair.

Seabrook Island –

Seabrook Island beachfront houses –  nestled along the South Carolina coast near Charleston, is a secluded haven renowned for its pristine beaches, lush maritime forests, and world-class amenities. Offering a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Seabrook Island invites visitors to unwind amidst its natural splendor and enjoy a host of outdoor activities such as golfing, tennis, horseback riding, and kayaking. The island’s pristine shores provide opportunities for sunbathing, shelling, and dolphin watching, while its miles of scenic trails offer tranquil settings for exploration and wildlife observation. With its upscale accommodations, championship golf courses, and exclusive club facilities, Seabrook Island epitomizes luxury coastal living while preserving the unspoiled beauty of the South Carolina Lowcountry.

Edisto Beach & Island –

Edisto Island beachfront homes for sale –  and its charming beachfront, Edisto Beach, offer a serene retreat along the South Carolina coast, steeped in natural beauty and Lowcountry charm. Characterized by moss-draped oak trees, salt marshes, and winding creeks, Edisto Island presents a picturesque backdrop for outdoor adventures such as kayaking, fishing, and birdwatching. Edisto Beach, known for its uncrowded shores and relaxed atmosphere, invites visitors to unwind and enjoy the simple pleasures of beachcombing, shell hunting, and soaking in spectacular sunsets. The island’s rich history is showcased through historic plantations like the preserved Botany Bay Plantation, offering glimpses into its antebellum past. With its unspoiled landscapes and laid-back ambiance, Edisto Island and Edisto Beach embody a quintessential Southern getaway where visitors can immerse themselves in the tranquility of coastal living and the hospitality of the Lowcountry.