Sullivan’s Island SC Homes & Real Estate For Sale

Homes for sale on Sullivans Island are some of the most expensive sought-after properties in all of South Carolina. Sullivan’s Island issullivans island sc real estate fairly small, just under 3 total square miles in size and thus there isn’t a lot of property to be had. Because of the small town feel that it has sellers hold onto their properties making demand high and as such houses for sale on Sullivan’s Island SC are some of the most expensive in the United States per sq ft. The average sales price at the moment is $4M, and the average sold price is right under $5 Million. As anyone can guess the most desirable homes for sale are beachfront houses, and condos, but if you want to build your own homes see lots for sale on Sullivan’s Island. If you find that homes on the ICW on Sullivan’s Island are more your thing where you can have a dock and a boat to go fishing the island has a plethora of them as well.


MLS Listings Data

Total Listings: 32
Average Price: $5,159,125
Highest Listing Price: $13,950,000
Average Days On Market: 108

Sullivan's Island SC presently has 32 homes & real estate listings for sale on the MLS. The average days on the market on Sullivan's Island SC stands at 108 days. You can expect an average price range for a real estate purchase in today's market of $5,159,125 which will get you approximately 3,462 sq ft on a 0.47 acre lot / home site. 

If you need a consultation and marketing analysis about selling & listing your property for sale on Sullivan's Island MLS OR need an agent to assist in the purchase of any real estate transaction please contact our team or call at 843.473.8061. For anyone just looking to visit Sullivan's Island SC and stay in a condo try HERE for your convenience.




Pros of Living on Sullivan’s Island:

  1. Natural Beauty: The island’s pristine beaches, marshlands, and maritime forests offer residents unparalleled natural surroundings.
  2. Tranquility: Sullivan’s Island provides a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life, allowing residents to enjoy a laid-back coastal lifestyle.
  3. Community Spirit: The tight-knit community fosters a strong sense of camaraderie and belonging among residents.
  4. Historic Charm: The island’s rich history and well-preserved architecture contribute to its unique character and appeal.
  5. Ease of Commute: Driving isn’t necessary all the time for exploring Sullivan’s Island. Instead, you can take advantage of the sidewalks and paved bike paths, which allow pedestrians and bikers to easily get around, or rent a golf cart as you’ll soon find out when you arrive this is a common mode of transportation around the island.

Cons of Living on Sullivan’s Island:

  1. High Cost of Living: The upscale real estate market and relatively high cost of living may be prohibitive for some prospective residents.
  2. Hurricane Risk: Like many coastal areas, Sullivan’s Island is vulnerable to hurricanes and tropical storms, necessitating adequate preparedness and insurance coverage.
  3. Limited Dining: There are only 6 restaurants on the island, but the good news is they are all great and you likely won’t get tired of them if you don’t care to leave the island.
  4. Limited Amenities: While the island offers essential amenities, residents may need to travel to nearby towns for a broader range of services and entertainment options. There is a park on the island with tennis courts, basketball and pickleball courts, and a playground for smaller kids. Travelers who prefer active vacations other than to read a book on the beach might consider Sealand Adventure Sports’ inventory. The kite, surf, skate, and paddle shop provides a range of rentals — including beach cruisers, beach chairs, and beach umbrellas


Sullivan’s Island, located in Charleston County, South Carolina, offers a distinctive lifestyle characterized by its rich history,Beachfront Homes Charleston SC natural beauty, and coastal charm. Here’s a comprehensive summary covering various aspects of life on Sullivan’s Island:


Sullivan’s Island is a small barrier island community with a population that typically hovers around 2,000 residents, according to recent estimates. The demographics skew towards middle to upper-middle-class families, retirees, and professionals seeking a tranquil coastal retreat.


Visiting Sullivan’s Island

There are “no hotels or major chains” on the island which is why Sullivan’s is so popular, it doesn’t feel like a vacation spot so finding accommodations through Booking, VRBO, or another short-term rental service will be your best bet. As a real estate buyer the island does not allow many short-term rentals so as an investor hoping to snap up your piece of heaven please keep that in mind.

Real Estate Trends and Prices:

Real estate on Sullivan’s Island reflects its exclusivity and prime coastal location. The island features a mix of historic homes, beach cottages, and modern residences. Property values tend to be relatively high, with prices for single-family homes ranging from several hundred thousand dollars to multi-million dollar beachfront estates. Real estate trends often show a stable market with steady demand due to the island’s limited space and coveted status. The island does not have or would allow beachfront condos, and condos, in general, are hard to come by on Sullivan’s Island, but occasionally one of the rare condos on Sullivan’s Island does come up for sale, but be prepared to still pay over $1M.


Proximity to Other Places & Things to Do:

Sullivan’s Island’s proximity to Charleston, one of the South’s most vibrant cities, is a significant draw. Charleston’s rich cultural heritage, culinary scene, and recreational opportunities are easily accessible from the island. Additionally, the nearby Isle of Palms offers more amenities, including golf courses, marinas, and additional dining options. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy water sports, fishing, kayaking, and leisurely beachcombing right on Sullivan’s Island.

In conclusion, Sullivan’s Island offers a distinctive blend of history, natural beauty, and community spirit, making it an attractive destination for those seeking a coastal lifestyle steeped in tradition and charm. However, prospective residents should weigh the island’s high cost of living and vulnerability to natural disasters against its many virtues before deciding to call Sullivan’s Island home.