The Best Place To Take Seniors To The Beach Charleston SC

My mother is 84 years young and moved here from Columbia in 2013 to be closer to me and my son when my father passed away, and boy was she excited to be close to the beach. She currently lives at Franke home in Mount Pleasant and has been very happy there in her independent one bedroom apartment. Interestingly, she unlike most of the residents there she has a fresh mind and is pretty youthful of mind given her age. So much so Franke Home asked her to give a camera interview for their website because she is so sharp. I digress, I want to give a HUGE THANK YOU! to BLU RESTAURANT & BAR of FOLLY BEACH  and The Tides Hotel for being so awesome to me & my mother and making an old lady happy and respected. 

My mom had asked me on a few occasions to take her to the beach again (since the last time) I took her to “that place she loved” on Mother’s Day 2015 for brunch (Blu on Folly Beach) located in The Tides Hotel. The thing is, although my 84 yr old mother is sharp of mind, her body is riddled with arthritis and she has to walk with a walker very carefully and slowly, and if you know Charleston beaches they aren’t at all accessible for probably most seniors and especially those who have a walker or wheel chair. This is The Tides &  BLU Restaurant of Folly Beach come in. Their wonderful establishments are the PERFECT easily accessible place for you to take your elderly loved one to the beach without hassle and with dignity. They have a ramp at the front door, Blu Restaurant Folly Beachcomplete with auto open button, double doors large enough to accommodate a walker at the deck, and best of ALL the deck is over the beach. Complete with bar, tables, umbrellas, and wait staff. 

Unlike Sullivan’s Island or Isle of Palms where this is not possible to do these fine establishments have shown respect for the senior population. To top it off the staff at both places were so kind and respectful in both visits to their restaurant, 2015 for Mother’s Day brunch, and just last week when I took my mom back for her “mother’s day beach excursion”. It made her day (probably her month) to sit there with a glass of wine and watch her grandson play on the beach, and look for shells with me. After my son had enough beach time we all sat there on the outside deck and had wonderful lunch before heading home.

With Charleston quickly becoming the new hot spot for retirees over Florida it probably comes as no surprise that an average of 20% of the Charleston area’s population is 60 or above. There are also approximately 40 or more retirement, assisted living/seniors living facilities in the area as well with more currently under construction. 

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So if you have an elderly loved one who enjoys the ocean and you want to give them the gift of good food, warm atmosphere and fun at the beach then The Tides Folly Beach & BLU Restaurant is your place to go. This is definitely the best place to take someone who has physical challenges to the beach in Charleston SC, not just the elderly because their location has all you need to make visiting the beach an easy activity for everyone. 

*Please have respect for them and make sure you spend some money while you’re there otherwise they won’t be there to enjoy.  


In case you’re wondering, NO I do not have any affiliation or obligation to this restaurant or hotel other than to say THANK YOU again for being good stewards of the community and making the day of an 84 yr old senior. 


James Schiller of Mount Pleasant


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