Wild Dunes Resort Dues and Fees | Regimes & HOA Costs For Isle Of Palms Property

Fees and Dues associated with owning or buying property in Wild Dunes Resort.

What isn’t there to love about living in a gated resort community? With all the amenities, manicured landscapes, and luxurious setting it’s like living on a constant vacation.  That’s why so many people come to vacation here in South Carolina on the Isle of Palms SC and stay in the Wild Dunes resort.  Upon leaving many of our visitors to the island love it so much they want to buy a property of their own. There are plenty of homes for sale in Wild Dunes with visitors interested but alas, they aren’t familiar with the additional expenses that come along with living in a gated resort community like Wild Dunes. As a local agent familiar with the island and the Wild Dunes resort I have laid out the expenses associated with owning like HOA dues in Wild Dunes, monthly regimes in Wild Dunes, and transfer fees when purchasing in Wild Dunes. Unlike most standard suburban developments resort neighborhoods as you can imagine are most costly to live and thus have more expensive monthly regimes and yearly HOA dues associated with the property.

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  1. For each sold transaction in Wild Dunes resort there is a 1/2 of 1% of the purchase price “transfer fee” to Wild Dunes Community Association due at closing. For example: $500,000 sale price = $2500 transfer fee.
  2. Yearly HOA dues of $748 for upkeep of the entire resort. Ground landscaping & maintenance, lighting, cleaning, security gate, management etc.
  3. Monthly regimes for each unit. The cost of monthly regime dues is specific to each condo building, or villa development. Some other factors are size of the unit, age of unit, way it was built, location and how many units are in that building.  These expenses typically cover some insurance (hazard, wind, & flood), exterior upkeep, landscaping for YOUR building, pool and grounds maintenance for YOUR property(s).
  4. Club Information

Regimes By Building & Property: (some are averages)

Ocean Club Villas

$650 Month

Commons Court $230 Quarter Beach Club Villa $450 Month Sea Oats $325 Month
Lagoon Villas $335 Month Morgan Place $380 Quarter Shipwatch Villas $525 Month Fairway Dunes Villas $465 Month
Waterway Island $140 Month Yacht Harbor $350 Month Mariners Walk $375 Month Ocean Point $220 Month
Pelican Bay $200 Month Twin Oaks $125 Quarter Racquet Club Villas $400 Month Linkside Villas $375 Month
Summer House $525 Month Tidewater $600 Month Links Clubhouse Villas $530 Month Port O Call $375 Month
Oceanside $400 Month Marsh Island The Village $1400 Month Grand Pavilion $225 Month

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