Wild Dunes SC Fractional Interval Properties on Isle of Palms

Fractional properties for sale in Wild Dunes Resort & Isle of Palms SC. As the #1 fractional – partial ownership also known as interval agent

charleston sc fractional homes for sale
Isle of Palms, Kiawah, Wild Dunes, Folly Beach

in Charleston the main distinction between timeshare and fractional ownership is that with a timeshare you buy the right to use a property, but with fractional ownership (aka interval), you are buying real estate and although it’s just time essentially you get a deeded piece of real estate. With fractional ownership you also reap the rewards of equity growth or loss for that matter.  Generally, the reason fractionals are used is to save money. In Charleston SC resort real estate where an owner only can enjoy their property a few weeks a year, fractional ownership is ideal because other owner(s) can share the upkeep expenses. Every fractional endeavor requires some sort of management, to administer the rules and regulations (which are agreed upon before the fraction is purchased) and maintain the asset to the degree laid out in the legal ownership documents. Each owner is guaranteed a prescribed amount of access to the asset and shares (fractions) are divided up almost like stocks. However, in real estate is it done in portions that fit within allotted weeks or months and not [necessarily back to back]. In Charleston SC 4 primary resort areas offer properties in fractions: Wild Dunes on the Isle of Palms, Kiawah Island, Seabrook Island, and Folly Beach.


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All Charleston Area Fractionals

MLS Listings Data

Total Listings: 9
Average Price: $203,994
Highest Listing Price: $750,000
Average Days On Market: 116

There are 9 fractional real estate properties for sale on the Isle of Palms in SC and Wild Dunes on the island at this time. Prices range from $75,500 to $750,000 for the highest-priced (usually detached homes) or those with fewer shares. Interval also known as a partial ownership, fractionals for sale in Wild Dunes or Isle of Palms have a median price of $203,994 and stay on the market for about one hundred sixteen. 

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