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The French Quarter of Downtown Charleston SC has some of the most gorgeous homes one could ever want. The houses for salereal estate listings French Quarter charleston sc in the French Quarter are pretty expensive, but most people looking to buy here are aware of this already. Situated in the heart of Charleston’s historic district, the French Quarter enjoys a prime location that offers residents and visitors unparalleled access to the city’s most beloved landmarks and attractions. Bordered by the Cooper River to the east and Meeting Street to the west, the neighborhood is a vibrant tapestry of art galleries, boutique shops, fine dining establishments, and cultural institutions. Considered to be the “premier” borough in the realm of downtown Charleston SC real estate The French Quarter offers some stunning high-rise condos, historic mansions, and other exquisite homes anyone could love. The French Quarter neighborhood of Charleston SC has a large number of waterfront properties for sale, and condos usually such as: Prioleau St, 175 Concord, and Vendue Range.

MLS Listings Data

Total Listings: 30
Average Price: $2,529,778
Highest Listing Price: $4,500,000
Average Days On Market: 476

There are 30 homes for sale on MLS in the French Quarter of downtown Charleston SC. Real estate property listings here have an average sales price of $2,529,778, ranging in price from $825,000 to $4,500,000. The average sq ft home is approximately 2,000 square feet for a house in Charleston's French Quarter. The largest property for sale is 3,834 sqft and the smallest 858 sqft. View property listings for sale by price, street, subdivision, age, property type, location, features, size, listing date, and time on MLS with an average of four hundred seventy-five days on the market. 


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  1. Rainbow Row: One of the most iconic streets in the French Quarter is Rainbow Row, a series of pastel-colored Georgian townhouses that stand as a testament to Charleston’s architectural charm. Dating back to the 18th century, these meticulously preserved homes offer a glimpse into the city’s colonial past and serve as a beloved symbol of Charleston’s unique identity.
  2. St. Philip’s Church: Dominating the skyline of the French Quarter is St. Philip’s Church, a historic landmark that has stood as a beacon of faith and community since its founding in the 17th century. With its majestic steeple and timeless elegance, St. Philip’s is not only a place of worship but also a cherished symbol of Charleston’s enduring spirit.
  3. Artistic Heritage: The French Quarter is a haven for artists and creatives, with numerous galleries and studios showcasing the talents of local artisans. From traditional Lowcountry landscapes to contemporary masterpieces, the neighborhood’s vibrant art scene reflects the diversity and dynamism of Charleston’s cultural landscape.







MLS Listings Data

Total Listings: 2
Average Price: $3,142,500
Highest Listing Price: $4,300,000
Average Days On Market: 267