Charleston SC Waterfront Homes Under $500000

Single-family DETACHED houses in Charleston SC actually ON deep water (and/or with a dock with them) under $500,000 do not exist (or at least very often), and if you find one by chance you need to call me immediately to make an offer without waiting. As you’ll see below there are usually some small condos, but unfortunately, it is the truth. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s a fact that disheartens a lot of dreamers who look for the Charleston SC lifestyle. Having sold many a home, and spoken with many buyer prospects over the years and analyzing my website searches most people wish for riverfront or deep water real estateThere are two types of “waterfront” homes in Charleston SC: true deep water; meaning a house that is on a riverfront or intra-coastal (aka intercoastal) waterway where even at low tide there is still at least a minimum of 8 feet for a decent sized boat to regularly be able to navigate. These properties are the most sought-after homes in the entire area. We don’t have real lakefront homes here either, because the largest true lakefront is in Santee which is about an hour’s drive north from Charleston. 

Below is EVERY property listing in the Charleston MLS on waterfront including homes, condos, and townhouses on deep water for sale in the Charleston SC area. From LOWEST up to five hundred thousand ($500,000). If you want a waterfront home in South Carolina the Myrtle Beach market or lakefront homes off the coast will be your best option. See Lake Murray below. 

MLS Listings Data

Total Listings: 7
Average Price: $395,414
Highest Listing Price: $475,000
Average Days On Market: 115


The second type of “waterfront” property is on what’s called a tidal creek where there is a shallow creek that is only accessible by a small boat (usually 20 ft or less) at high tide. 

Another consideration to be aware of, is most of the properties below aren’t going to be “nice”, and most buyers when spending $300k-$500k for a lifestyle in Charleston want a pretty, clean, and updated home. 

Most detached houses on true deep waterfront are going to be a minimum of $900,000+, and very very occasionally a property might hit the market for just around $700,000 but rest assured if there is a house on the lot it won’t be a nice house. The average real estate buyer will not be interested in putting a lot of money into a home they just bought unless they are investors or someone with a lot of experience renovating homes. Even condos usually start at $300,000 if they are on true deep water. If you’re looking for a house under $500,000 in Charleston on the water then it’s safe to assume most can’t afford to spend more to renovate it.