Isle of Palms SC Condos Listings MLS For Sale

Isle of Palms SC condos for sale on MLS.  Waterfront condos for sale on Isle of Palms South Carolina. Villas for sale on Isle ofwild dunes condos & villas for sale Palms SC. Beachfront condos for sale and water view condos in Wild Dunes on the Isle of Palms. Although Wild Dunes resort is technically Isle of Palms, ownership in the gated resort is much different than not, and costs are slightly cheaper with fees, but you also do not get the amenities that come with owning in the golf resort, such as community pool, gym, tennis facilities, restaurants, lounges, and two golf courses. Please note there are not a lot of condos on Isle of Palms unless you go into the gated golf resort of Wild Dunes. If you find a condo that is not in the resort you can avoid the additional resort property owner costs. 

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MLS Listings Data

Total Listings: 37
Average Price: $1,111,169
Highest Listing Price: $2,800,000
Average Days On Market: 61

There are 37 condos for sale on the Isle of Palms in SC, including those in the gated golf resort of Wild Dunes. For condos on Isle of Palms the average price will be about $$1,111,169 and that will get you about 1,246 sq ft. Isle of Palms SC condos will be listed on MLS approximately sixty-one days and currently the cheapest condo is $$292,000. If you need a consultation and marketing analysis about selling & listing your property for sale on MLS, OR need an agent to assist in the purchase of a home, condo, or any real estate transaction please contact our team or call at 843.473.8061

For anyone just looking to visit Isle of Palms SC and stay in a condo try HERE for your convenience. 



The Isle of Palms, situated along the South Carolina coast, presents a compelling choice for property ownership, offering both detached homes and condominiums amid its stunning seaside landscape. Condo ownership on the island provides a unique opportunity for individuals seeking a low-maintenance lifestyle with access to resort-style amenities. The median price for condos on the Isle of Palms hovers around $600,000, offering a more affordable entry point compared to detached homes, which typically command higher prices due to their larger size and premium locations.

VILLAS FOR SALE ON ISLE OF PALMS SCOpting for a condominium on the Isle of Palms comes with several advantages. Condo owners benefit from amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, and 24-hour security, enhancing their quality of life and sense of convenience. Moreover, condo living often entails minimal upkeep responsibilities, making it an attractive option for individuals seeking a “lock-and-leave” lifestyle or those looking to downsize without sacrificing luxury. Condos also provide a sense of community, fostering social connections among residents through shared spaces and organized events.

However, there are considerations to keep in mind when weighing condo ownership against detached homes on the Isle of Palms. While condos offer convenience and communal amenities, they may lack the privacy and space afforded by detached homes. Condo associations impose monthly fees and regulations governing property maintenance and use, which can impact affordability and autonomy for owners. Additionally, resale value and appreciation potential for condos may vary compared to detached homes, influenced by factors such as market trends and the overall condition of the development. Ultimately, prospective buyers must assess their lifestyle preferences, financial goals, and housing needs to determine whether condo or detached home ownership aligns best with their aspirations on the captivating Isle of Palms.